Rules and Regulation

Rules and regulation –

  • The Triathlon Contest, be it individual or relay, is open to any person that has the minimum age established by the event owner and that possesses a health and physical status that are adequate for effort across long periods of time within a competitive environment.
  • The Sprint challenge welcomes any participant that has a minimum age of 17 years, and the Olimpic challenge is designed for those who are 20 years old and up; both cases are calculated according to the participant’s age in the year of the contest.
  • Every contestant must be personally responsible for their participation. They will all sign a Declaration which attests that they are able and ready physically and medically to participate. For minors, these declarations will be signed by their respective parents/guardians.

General rules

  • It is mandatory for the participant to wear his contest number at all times, respectively, on his chest when running and under the bike seat while Cycling. The time tracking chip is also mandatory for the entirety of the contest.
  • The time tracking chip must be returned following the end of the contest or in the case of disqualification.
  • Cutting corners or route deviation is penalised with disqualification (your name will be marked with DSQ in the final standings table)
  • Minimal equipment clothing is mandatory for cycling and running, which can consist of shorts and a tanktop.

Swimming rules

  • False starting will be penalised with disqualification.
  • Swimming helmets are mandatory for the swimming challenge. If the organizer provides swimming helmets, then they are the ones that should be worn.
  • Neoprene suits are forbidden if the water temperature is above 22C.
  • Swimming challenge time limit: 1h:00min after 1st start

Cycling rules

  • All bycicle types are welcome, with the exception of those equipped with aerobars.
  • Cycling helmets are mandatory.. They are to be equipped and safely clipped before picking the bike off the rack. Helmets can only be removed after the challenge is over. Breaking this rule will attract a 15 second penalization.
  • A minimum of 500ml of water are required for each and every contestant of the Cycling challenge, which are to be placed in a container/bottle attached to the bycicle. Refilling is forbidden, even if it is on the route. Littering on the course/route is forbidden.
  • The riding of the course is to be done on the right side of the road, as close to the curb as possible.
  • Overtaking must always be done on the left side.
  • Tailgating is allowed for contestants that are of the same sex, namely, a female contestant can not tailgate behind a male contestant. If a contestant must be warned twice, it will attract a 60 second penalization, and if it continues, he or she will be eventually disqualified.
  • In the unlikely case of an incident (flat tire, loose chain, accident, etc.), the cyclist must evacuate the route as quickly as possible, retreating to the side of the road.
  • Cycling challenge time limit: 2h:30min after the Start.

Running rules

  • Running challenge time limit: 3h:20min after the Start.

The event organizer has a right to use any and all photographic, video or audio material with the contestants during the competition (including at the start and finish lines as well as the award ceremony) in the name of the organizer or that of any partner to the event.

The organizer reserves its right to modify the current Regulations until the start date of the event.